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SVIP Proposal
Subject Assessment
Quiz schedule 2012-2013

PDP (Personality Development)

SVIP Personality Development Program (PDP)

Project Prosperous India-PPI

India dreams of becoming a developed country by the year of 2026. SVIP feels the pride of sharing the same dream with billions of people by embarking upon a project to clean up India. SVIP is well aware of the fact that a country cannot claim itself to be a developed one without maintaining proper cleanliness. 10% of total revenue of SVIP will be used for this project and students will be supported by different programs to keep their room, school, house, street, city and the country clean.

Why SVIP? SVIP vs Others

SVIP Online Learning Program (SOLP) is different from other e-learning programs because of its unique concept, goals and objectives. Table 2 below summarizes the key features of SOLP vis-à-vis other online programs.

SVIP Presentation


Welcome to SVIP
Thanks for taking out some time to go through
this presentation. The aim of this presentation is to make you
aware of SVIP’s mission, goals and objectives along with some
 important features of SVIP Program. By going through this
 presentation you will also learn how SVIP Program
benefits SVIP users.
It’s all about a mission that can change the outlook of the students
and can shape the future of the nation.
Please, spend a few minutes to go through the presentation
and you will be elated to know the difference.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Lakhs of students who are brilliant in study but weak on financial front thus fail to achieve their career goals because of lack of finances and guidance. SVIP with the help of its sponsors is taking an initiative to help such students.

Lets join hands together and do something for our students in India. Another front where our country needs help is cleanliness which is the first requirement of making India a developed country. It would be our pleasure if we could contribute a little bit in the ongoing effort of making India a developed country.


SVIP Personality Development Program (PDP)